Our Team

Alison Osborne

Director of Biodiverse Carbon

Ally Osborne is a believer in re-wilding and restoring ecological balance to our Earth to halt further biodiversity loss and mitigate climate change. Ally worked at the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust (BCT) for 4 years where she was responsible for the supply of biodiversity credits under the NSW biodiversity offsets scheme. She also led a regional team responsible for protecting and monitoring 73 000 ha of native vegetation. She worked with projects of state and national significance to offset the clearing of vegetation associated with those developments. Prior to the BCT, Ally created and delivered a leadership development program for a multi-national corporation, managed the Blueprint for Agriculture 2050 project for the National Farmers Federation,  project managed the Carbon Farming and Biodiversity Capacity Building project for the Commonwealth Department of Regional Australia, established the succession planning team for Rabobank and project managed the Dairy Business Focus project. Ally has been involved in commercial farming enterprises where she instigated revegetation projects and was awarded a Nuffield Farming scholarship in 1997 to study sustainable agriculture globally. Ally has degrees in Rural Science and Psychology and has spent the majority of her life living and working in rural and regional Australia. She has aspirations to return to the land and undertake her own wilding project.

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