Ecosystem Analysis At Scale With Dendra's RestorationOS

Dendra’s Data Solutions

Get clarity on your ecosystem’s condition and monitor your restoration progress with our market-leading platform that offers a wide range of ecosystem analysis insights at scale.

Invasive Species And Infestation

Locate, identify and quantify invasive weed coverage and pests, plan targeted interventions and monitor progress for transparency and financial forecasting.

Erosion And Slopes

Detect, measure and track erosion features such as rills, tunnelling and mass movement to understand landform stability, safety risks and impact on the ecosystem.

Biodiversity And Native Species

Monitor biodiversity and native species richness to support your environmental audits and determine the most suitable species for inclusion in your restoration activities.

Area Classification And Tree Growth

Quantify canopy and ground cover, track water presence, grass, shrubs and trees. Monitor ecosystem changes in tree height, canopy and the increase of stem density to understand your land rehabilitation progression and report back on your impact goals.

Native Fauna And Habitat Features

Assess fauna to identify and locate existing ecosystem species and validate success through the native animals that return.

Why Dendra’s Data Solutions?

Improve and accelerate your ecosystem restoration outcomes with our data-driven insights.

Insights Available In Days

With ML technology, we can analyse and provide insights covering analysis of soil erosion risk, vegetation health per species, quantification of native and invasive flora in days. We don’t rely on statistical methods; we provide complete counts that identify and quantify every tree, shrub and grass on your site.

Actionable Analytics At Your Fingertips

Easy-to-use dashboards to diagnose problems and create targeted large-scale action plans. Our flexible platform facilitates the creation of company-specific metrics and provides the environmental system analysis tools to manage your contractors.

Confident Ecosystem Restoration Decisions And Reporting

Trained by our ecology team, our powerful machine learning platform delivers 75% greater species-level accuracy than traditional methods, empowering you to make decisions with complete information.

 Lord Howe Island Case Study

Providing data insights critical to ecosystem restoration on Lord Howe Island.

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