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Susan Graham
May 4, 2022

Susan Graham and Matthew Ritchie

When we started Dendra Systems, the carbon in the atmosphere was below 400 ppm. Today it is pushing up near 420 ppm. The urgency of the climate crisis is clear. As we watch that number continue to soar, we can also feel the threats to our Earth’s biodiversity. There isn’t a single number to summarize the loss of biodiversity globally, but we know that the loss of species is more than 10 times higher than it has been in the last 10 million years. These two challenges together and the resulting impact on communities and livelihoods are what inspired our vision, to empower humanity to restore the balance of our natural world.

As carbon markets evolve, we aim to inform investors and the general public on how a sustainable and scalable approach to building back healthy and biodiverse ecosystems, that contribute to carbon capture, can be successfully achieved. As we embark on this space together, we’ll be releasing a series of carbon articles. We hope that these content pieces will bring clarity and trigger discussion over a range of topics that support the future of the carbon market.

One of Dendra’s core values is that we are in this together, as a team, as a company, and as a global community. We continuously grow and develop by sharing knowledge across our communities, and through collaboration to all learn together with the ultimate goal to achieve the best outcomes for our ecosystems and our climate. We believe that what is needed right now is high trust, high-quality carbon removal. Dendra has developed a technology stack and approach through its Dendra’s integrated platform to do just that. Dendra helps to address the following three main areas:

Founders letter - biodiverse carbon

We’d like to thank all our investors, partners, and customers, for supporting the development of our capabilities, and we look forward to sharing how they can have a continued impact for our natural world.


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