Transparent Reporting With MyDendra Data

myDendra Data

Optimise decisions and outcomes, report confidently, and effectively communicate with stakeholders with Dendra’s superior quality data platform.

Ultra-High Resolution RGB

Visualise ecosystems down to individual leaves on trees and blades of grass on the ground and, therefore, identify, locate and quantify native and invasive species from imagery captured with our ultra-high resolution cameras.

Multi-Spectral Data

Estimate vegetation cover and vegetation health with Dendra’s multispectral imagery.


Measure tree height, diameter at breast height (DBH), canopy cover and leaf area index (LAI) with our Light Detection and Ranging active remote sensing technology.


Detect changes in vegetation health and ecological trends on sites before they are identified by sight for early targeted interventions and drought monitoring and forecasting of fire-hazardous areas with Normalized Difference Vegetation Index.


Visualize and detect erosion risks with elevation insights generated through Digital Elevation Models.

Why myDendra Data?

Extremely accurate data that encompasses all the elements of your ecosystems down to blade-of-grass resolution, all captured at scale.

See The Landscape Like Never Before

Dendra’s mapping drones can capture ultra-high-resolution imagery down to individual blades of grass. Our GIS systems drive analytics and generate insights from remote sensing data and visualise it.

Scale Your Surveying Efforts

Our drones enable us to survey vast areas of 1,000 hectares and above very quickly, developing safer, easier to deploy on-demand and faster to activate mapping programs.

New Data-Solutions For You

We identify and combine methodologies and remote sensing systems to create the optimal data solutions suitable in different scenarios.

Remote Sensing And GIS For Ecosystem Restoration

Remote sensing is a powerful and scalable way to generate the data to understand, manage and monitor ecosystem restoration activities and outcomes.

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