Dendra’s Culture

We believe it’s possible to create a more balanced world.

Our Values

Our values are a core foundation of everything that we do. They are ingrained across every step along the journey within Dendra, and we use them to shape the decisions we make every day.

We’re Courageous

We are determined to create change, we do what others have said is too hard or impossible. We reach out to push the boundaries on the impossible.

We’re Making It Happen

We are the best team to get it done. We’re skilled, efficient and dedicated, taking ownership of our tasks and ensuring delivery. We work hard, putting our hearts into what we do to achieve results.

We’re Persistently Positive

We show passion and are relentless in reaching our goals. We are resilient and outcome focused. We believe it’s possible to create a more balanced world.

We’re In This Together

We are all part of the same team. Even though we come from different backgrounds, expertise and nationalities, everyone has a superpower essential for Dendra’s success.

Diversity & Inclusion

Dendra is committed to making diversity and inclusion a central part of what we stand for as a company.

We have employees from over 12 different nationalities, and 60% of our Board of Directors are women.

We are building a diverse organisation to support our industry’s growth and actively championing the value of diversity and inclusion across all our networks.

Inclusion is at the core of our vision — to empower humanity to restore the balance of our natural world. We bring together an incredible community of experts with diverse backgrounds that are excited to do their best work to transform our vision into reality.

Our community is at the heart of our business success, and different perspectives help us achieve more. Everyone contributes to making inclusion a reality – every day. 

We acknowledge that it’s a continuous effort and responsibility to scale our diversity and inclusion initiatives, and we constantly seek to create an environment that brings the power of diversity to life.

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