Government Sector

Empowering governments to become world leaders in ecosystem restoration.

Driving Transformational Change

Governments must deliver on a commitment to restore and rewild at least 1bn hectares of land by 2030. Dendra can make it happen by providing the tools to restore ecosystems at the million-hectare scale needed.

Environmental Restoration at Scale

Environmental Restoration at Scale

Creating resilient and self-sustaining biodiverse ecosystems where native species can thrive at scale, bringing massive benefits for people and nature.

Climate Change Mitigation

Climate Change Mitigation

Empowering governments to meet their Net-Zero goals with nature-based carbon sequestration solutions.

Economic Expansion

Economic Expansion

Unlocking and accelerating the change in the supply chain needed to restore a nation. Supporting and growing economies through the scale that Dendra enables, creating the demand for supporting services and the requirement to scale supply chains.

Education & Research Development

Education & Research Development

Creating unique research opportunities globally by generating detailed and unique ecosystem restoration data sets and building cutting-edge technology.

Lord Howe Island Case Study

Providing data insights critical to ecosystem restoration.

Efficient Ecosystem Management

We equip you with the data and tools to restore biodiverse ecosystems at scale.

Ecosystem Insights

Make faster and better-informed decisions for your ecosystems with accurate, timely and actionable insights and enhanced predictive capabilities.

Environmental Management

Optimise decisions and outcomes by consolidating your rehabilitation plans, monitoring progress and enabling transparent reporting across all stakeholders with Dendra’s comprehensive management platform.

Aerial Seeding

Activate targeted drone seeding programs to increase the rate of planting, facilitate access to remote areas, and dramatically reduce the on-site safety risks.

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