Environmental Management With Dendra's Management Suite

Dendra’s Weed Manager

Plan and drive targeted restoration interventions, coordinate project stakeholders and monitor outcomes. The Weed Manager is the first launch of Dendra’s Environmental Management Suite, a series of products that aims to empower environmental managers to accelerate ecosystem restoration through landscape analysis, environmental mapping and surveying. 

Management tools: Identify and monitor progress

Identify and Monitor Infestations

Assess emerging and spreading infestations easily, track infestation management outcomes and determine the best course of action for future infestation efforts.

Management tools: Manage infestations

Manage Infestation Interventions

Assess infestation risk based on coverage and density and prioritise interventions across multiple species at the right time of the year.

Management tools: Coordinate stakeholders

Coordinate Project Stakeholders

Streamline coordination with all stakeholders, manage and follow-through on work orders with contractors.

Management tools: Report Progress

Report Progress

Easily keep track of, and report on treatment methods progress’, facilitating internal/external expectation management & progress confirmation.

Why use Dendra for Weed Management?

Dendra’s weed manager leverages species level analytics to streamline the end-to-end weed management process including inspection, assessment, eradication and reporting.

Weed Manager- Decision

Streamline Your Decision Making

Easy-to-use platform to diagnose problems and create targeted large-scale action plans. Our platform facilitates the identification of high-risk infestations and enables you to create optimised action plans.

Weed Manager- Collaboration

More Effective Collaboration

Intuitive digital system that can be used across all your stakeholders to drive more consistent planning and monitoring for your rehabilitation efforts.

Weed Manager- Decision

Stay On Top Of Your Progress

Digitized work order management allows you to see trends and respond quickly. See trends and respond quickly by using a digitized work order management.

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