Infrastructure Sector

Facilitating the creation of green corridors, enabling biodiversity gain and allowing ecosystems to deliver positive impacts to infrastructure and people.

Work with Nature

Set an unprecedented standard in your efforts to develop more green infrastructure.

Mitigate And Compensate For Your Environmental Impact

Mitigate And Compensate For Your Environmental Impact

Ensure that impacted sites and habitats are adequately rehabilitated and that your environmental program is designed to minimise your ecological impact and achieve a net gain of species and restored land.

Maximise The Opportunity To Restore Nature

Maximise The Opportunity To Restore Nature

Identify the areas within your infrastructure project where the opportunity for nature restoration at scale is greatest and most cost-effective. Biodiverse ecosystem restoration can have significant socio-economic benefits and reduce the impact of climate change.

Build Resilient Ecosystems

Build Resilient Ecosystems

Ensure that natural areas remain connected to allow species to thrive across their entire natural habitat so that plant and animal species can keep up with the pace of change imposed on the landscape. Devise a strategic corridor of habitat that can reconnect fragmented areas and strengthen local ecological networks.

We Joined The UK’s Hs2 Innovation Accelerator

Last year Dendra Systems joined the HS2 accelerator programme to explore how our technology can support the rehabilitation and restoration of ecosystems along the HS2 route.

Efficient Ecosystem Management

We equip you with the data and tools to restore biodiverse ecosystems at scale.

Ecosystem Insights

Make faster and better-informed decisions for your ecosystems with accurate, timely and actionable insights and enhanced predictive capabilities.

Environmental Management

Optimise decisions and outcomes by consolidating your rehabilitation plans, monitoring progress and enabling transparent reporting across all stakeholders with Dendra’s comprehensive management platform.

Aerial Seeding

Activate targeted drone seeding programs to increase the rate of planting, facilitate access to remote areas, and dramatically reduce the on-site safety risks.

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