Mining Sector

Drive faster rehabilitation and reporting of your ecosystems with an end-to-end service that reduces effort, costs and safety risks.

Progressive Restoration For Mine Reclamation

Mapping closely to rehabilitation completion criteria, Dendra provides a holistic view of ecosystem restoration and management as an end-to-end mining regeneration consultancy

Understand Your Ecosystems With Dendra’s Insights

Understand Your Ecosystems With Mydendra Insights

Gain clarity on the conditions of your ecosystem to improve restoration outcomes and monitor the progress of your restoration efforts with myDendra Insights, our market-leading platform that offers a wide range of accurate, timely and actionable ecosystem insights at scale.

Environmental Management With Dendra’s Management Suite

Optimise decisions and outcomes by consolidating your rehabilitation plans, monitoring progress and enabling transparent reporting across all stakeholders.

Cost-effective Interventions With Dendra’s Automated Seeding

Cost-effective Interventions With Dendra’s Automated Seeding

Expedite your planting efforts with our aerial seeding service powered by drone technology. Dendra’s seeding platform addresses the primary needs of any progressive rehabilitation program, from enabling access to remote areas, minimising safety risks to reducing erosion and guaranteeing uninterrupted operations in marginal weather conditions.

Our Customers In The Mining Sector

Dendra partners with industry-leading customers in the natural resources sector to restore natural landscapes.

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