Dendra’s Video Gallery

Dendra Systems at COP26

Dendra Systems presenting at the Get Nature Positive event hosted during the Nature and Land Use Day of the COP26 Presidency Program. Leading businesses declared their commitment to protecting nature through the ‘Get Nature Positive’ campaign, inspiring others to take action too.

RE:TV- Regenerating Landscapes

Combining advanced data science, artificial intelligence and drone automation, Dendra is able to rehabilitate land and restore biodiverse ecosystems at scale. Our vision is to marry ecosystem restoration, biodiversity quantification and carbon sequestration to strengthen ecosystem resilience globally.

Dendra’s Solutions

We have developed a high tech, nature-inspired solution, to help biodiverse ecosystems rehabilitate and thrive. With our aerial technology, we can collect and manage ultra-high-resolution Data, to feed our AI-Driven Insights from soil to species which drive Action improving outcomes and providing accountability.

Demo of 1,500 kg aerial seeding in 1 day

Our team has put together this demonstration of our drone technology seeding 1,500 kg of seeds in one day, showcasing our drone’s capabilities to seed large areas of land at scale. Our seeding drone technology is ready for the scale that ecosystem restoration requires.

Introducing Gen3 Technology

We’re introducing Gen 3, the new generation of aerial technology, including systems and drones, that will revolutionise our capabilities to restore ecosystems at scale. The Gen 3 technology enables us to re-balance the deforestation situation, tipping in the favour of restoring biodiversity and sequestering carbon at scale.

Modernize land rehab and create a better ecosystem for your community.