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Anna Colina
March 7, 2021

Today we celebrate the incredible women at Dendra Systems who work relentlessly to solve difficult problems in order to restore the balance of our natural world, being agents of the change that our planet needs.

“Women bear the brunt of climate change, but they are the world’s best bet in the fight for a clean, healthy, and sustainable planet.”- Women Deliver Organisation. Women worldwide are disproportionately affected by climate change, which is increasing gender inequalities, leaving women and girls more vulnerable to violence, malnutrition and more.

Women have been leading climate action and environmental movements and driving innovation and expertise towards more equitable and sustainable solutions to transform livelihoods and increase climate resilience. However, many limitations such as restricted land rights, lack of access to financial resources, training, technology and limited influence on political decision-making often prevent women from playing the full role in driving the transformational change that our planet urgently requires. For example, men are still occupying 67% of climate-related decision-making roles; it is important to ensure equal space and resources across genders to participate in climate change decision making and action at all levels to guarantee that the solutions and response to the climate emergency includes women’s needs and rights.

Scientists, Ecologists, Engineers, Analysts, Sales Managers, Marketers, Office Managers, Consultants…at Dendra Systems, together, we #ChooseToChallenge the inequalities in advocacy, empowerment, representation and investment in women to restore ecosystems and tackle climate change.

“A challenged world is an alert world. Individually, we’re all responsible for our own thoughts and actions—all day, every day.”- International Women’s Day.

Women @Dendra

Meet the fantastic and courageous women within our team who, by being persistently positive, boundlessly inclusive and collaborative, are creating the tools needed to power scalable ecosystem restoration.

Susan, Co-Founder & CEO

Susan’s superpower is turning big bold ideas 💡 into reality. “At Dendra Systems we are taking on one of the world’s greatest challenges, as CEO I have the honour of working with a world class team to tackle it head on”.

Elena, Data Ecology Lead  

Elena, Data Ecology Lead Elena’s superpower is to create new ways of understanding the natural environment, listening to the forest and translating it into technical concepts. Elena is a dyslexic volleyball 🏐player that managed to finish a PhD whilst raising twins, wowsers!

Tina, Sr Director of Marketing

Tina’s superpowers are, making the whole much bigger than the sum of its parts, inspiring leadership, collaboration and inclusivity 🙌🏾.

Nadine, Field Data Ecologist

Nadine’s superpowers are her outstanding flora and fauna identification skills and her deep understanding of complex ecosystem functions. She is also an avid hiker and runner that is obsessed with sci-fi books and movies. She loves a good barista brewed coffee ☕with a splash of caramel syrup- sweet!

Rhonda, Regional Sales Manager

Rhonda’s superpowers are to bring happiness into life, being adaptable to make the most of any situation and able to leap objections in a single bound. “I celebrate getting where I am today as a balanced human being after helping 4 other wonderful humans (my kids) succeed in life and rising above the problems and issues this weird world 🌏 throws at me every day”.

Hannah, Mechanical Engineer

Hannah’s superpower is to create new seeding technologies that enable us to restore ecosystems all over the world and grow a greener tomorrow. She is also an expert at making cakes 🍰 that even people who don’t like cake love- yum yum!

Anna, Director of Marketing

Anna’s superpower to transform technical concepts into beautiful, relatable stories and bring people together to position and raise awareness of our brand. She loves a good challenge such as enjoying outdoor activities like cycling, softball, swimming and sailing despite the “marvellous” UK weather and she spoils her dog 🐶 way too much!

Jacquie, Data Ecology Analyst

Jacquie’s superpowers are her impressive eye for detail and her incredible passion for flora identification and systematics. She loves hiking, camping and being in nature. “I also enjoy directing a little home school learning with my children. ‘Nature Study’ is something we do when time permits, we are currently tracking the moon 🌙, learning about taxonomy and they are helping with my honours fieldwork”.

Lesli, Executive Assistant

Lesli’s superpowers are juggling the CEO’s busy calendar schedule and inboxes whilst managing general office admin across sites with high multi-tasking and organisation levels to streamline efficiency. Lesli is a virtual reality enthusiast and 3D VR & digital artist. She is also a surgical photographer 📷 and has recently catalogued all her amazing photographs of all Oxford’s grotesques into a book.

Emma, Data Ecology Analyst

Emma’s superpower is her ability to apply ecological knowledge to understand how native and feral species of fauna utilize and move through their environment. “I juggle whatever life throws my way while finding time to laugh and enjoy it 😊!”- that’s the attitude!

Jane, Global Inside Sales Manager

Jane’s superpower is to find joy in helping businesses identify their challenges and working towards solving them using our technology. She is the personification of willingness; she learned to swim 🏊‍♀️ (properly) to be able to participate in the Rottnest Channel Swim, one of the world’s most iconic open water swims which is 20km long.

Jac, Office Manager

Jac has many superpowers such as problem solver, creative thinker, people person and team player. She can also do 30 standard push ups 💪- go girl!

Corinna, Data Ecology Analyst

Corinna’s superpower is her thorough understanding of flora and fauna identification and interactions. She is a soccer player, rock-climber, scuba diver, singer 🎤 amongst many others. Oh, and always keen to learn more skills.

Lucy, HR Manager

Lucy’s superpowers are to always be available for people to talk to and to lead key strategic HR initiatives with the objective to make Dendra an employer of choice. Lucy is a survivor or a ‘cat 🐈 with nine lives’, she has been in hospital in 4 countries due to accidents and was a non-exec at Mifan Mama – a charity in China supporting orphanages and foster homes for blind and partially sighted kids.

Helen, Office Manager

Helen’s superpowers are to be a team player who can multitask, meet deadlines and constantly be self motivated. She recently obtained her scuba diving 🤿 ticket and can now talk under water, oh la la!

Ellie, Product Analyst

Ellie’s superpower is to collaborate across departments and listen to clients in order to model Dendra’s new portal features. She is a cross country skier and trumpet 🎺 player!

Debbie, HR Manager

Debbie’s superpowers are achieving her dream of running her own business and seeing it through over 7 years, including when returning to university 🎓. She has also raised her two children – “they are both so different but amazing all the same!”.


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